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https://danzantehomes.com/ presents the design inspiration you need to create the home you want. From decorating and gardening suggestions to home improvement. We are not responsible for the use and misuse of the material on this website. https://danzantehomes.com/ and users do not have a legally binding relationship.


The phrase “Terms of Use” means all the terms contained in this agreement and in the privacy policy of this website. The words “we” mean https://danzantehomes.com/. The words “you” mean users who read this agreement.

“Using” https://danzantehomes.com/ means accessing, browsing, or carrying out other activities connected to or using https://danzantehomes.com/ in several ways. “Content” refers to the form of media or data, including text, photos, graphics, audio, and video.

“User Content” means all content sent to https://danzantehomes.com/ or provided by users. “Your Content” means all content that you input or review, rating, praise, information and or invite is displayed as part of your profile.

“Third-party content” means all content created or provided by data providers that license data to https://danzantehomes.com/ for use on the site, or any party other than https://danzantehomes.com/or their users.

“https://danzantehomes.com/” refers to all content created or provided by https://danzantehomes.com/. “Website Content” refers to all types of content.


You must be at least 18 years old to use this website. If you use https://danzantehomes.com/as an agent for each business entity, you must be an official representative of the business and you agree on behalf of the business that is bound by these terms of use.

If you do not meet these requirements or if you do not have the authority to bind your company to these terms of use, you do not have to use https://danzantehomes.com/.

Permission to Use

We give your permission to use https://danzantehomes.com/ under the limitations described in these Terms of Use. We do not guarantee the accuracy of inappropriate, indecent, offensive content or other similar content, nor do we encourage or endorse it.


You agree that you will not directly or indirectly encourage or participate in this activity:

1. Use https://danzantehomes.com/ to influence natural search results in any way, for example, by keyword spamming.

2. Using the site for fanatical or discriminatory purposes.

3. Harm the site with excessive network traffic.

4. Trying to get unauthorized access to every part of https://danzantehomes.com/, including user accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the site, password theft, hacking, or other illegal or unethical ways.

5. Display, transmit or transmit immoral or illegal content at https://danzantehomes.com/.

6. Violate the terms of use https://danzantehomes.com/or applicable law.

7. Change or remove part of the copyright https://danzantehomes.com/, trademarks, or other ownership rights by printing, copying, or distributing from the site.

8. Use https://danzantehomes.com/ to threaten, cheat, harass, or harm others.

9. Avoid, disable, delete, disrupt, or damage any security features that prevent unauthorized copying of the site’s content or restrict the use of the site.

10. Use https://danzantehomes.com/ or content sites to deliver damaging items such as viruses, worms or trojan horses (collectively, “viruses”).

11. Use the site to obtain information from minors or harm minors.

12. Use of sites or content sites (other than your content) through modification, adaptation, reproduction, distribution, translation, sale, trade, or creation of derivative works or adaptation of content sites or the sites themselves.

13. Use software, routines, or devices to disrupt the proper work order of the site.

14. Using https://danzantehomes.com/ in any way that might create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, for example, requesting a review or review of trade with another business.

15. Using this site for commercial or promotional purposes that are not permitted.

16. Identify passwords or security encryption codes by using this site, interfering with security, or causing damage to the site or its contents.

17. Use https://danzantehomes.com/ in any way that violates the rights of other users or third parties. This includes any rights, ownership or intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, privacy, trademarks, trade secrets, and publicity.

Content and Responsibilities

Your content is solely your responsibility. https://danzantehomes.com/ does not assume any liability for your content. You are responsible for any risks associated with your content, including the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness and disclosure that reveals your identity.

You are responsible if (a) your content violates the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyright involving, privacy rights, appropriate publicity, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, moral rights, or other rights, intellectual property or ownership;

or (b) your content contains information that is false or intentionally misleading, information that harms or exploits minors, defamatory information, information that contains immoral or hateful statements, information that violates the law, or information that violates or encourages others to violate a law or regulation.

Content Permissions

You agree and give permission that your content can be displayed on https://danzantehomes.com/, entered into other works, used for promotion, used to make derivative works, distributed, or used for other legitimate purposes. They can also do the same concerning their websites or other media platforms.

Use of content

You have no right or right to compensation for ads that run with your content and are subject to change without notice. To distribute content widely and simply, several content sites are created through Atom feeds and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) (collectively known as “feeds”).

Users can access feeds to display content on web pages, computers, handheld devices, or anywhere provided that (a) is used privately and not commercially, (b) displayed feed links back to relevant pages on the site and the attributes https: / /danzantehomes.com/as a source.

We may delete or restore user content at any time and for any reason. In particular, we may delete content that is determined to violate our Terms of Service or that we believe is inappropriate.

Unauthorized access

We expressly prohibit unauthorized access to https://danzantehomes.com/. We reserve the right to use all means necessary to prevent unauthorized access, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), mapping IP addresses, and using technological or program barriers.


https://danzantehomes.com/ has no obligation to monitor the site or its content. However, if there has been a violation of these Terms of Use, we have the right to investigate, contact law enforcement officials, and / or block you from the website.


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Site Availability

We have the right to renew, change, or stop https://danzantehomes.com/ at any time, for any reason without notice.


Content elements https://danzantehomes.com/that are interactive features, computer code, products, compilation, visual interface, graphics, design, software, aggregate and ranking user reviews, and all other elements of https://danzantehomes.com/, including users and third-party content. These elements are owned by https://danzantehomes.com/.

Changing, distributing, reproducing, displaying, creating derivative works or adaptations, or exploiting content https://danzantehomes.com/, in whole or in part, is expressly prohibited unless permitted by https://danzantehomes.com/.


To help us continue to improve the user experience, we invite you to share feedback with us by using our Contact page. However, ending your account and stopping the use of the site is the only way to fully resolve your complaint. By sending feedback in the form of suggestions, ideas, requests, or proposals, you are stating that:

(a) https://danzantehomes.com/ has no express or implied obligation to maintain confidential feedback,

(b) similar feedback may still be under development or consideration,

(c) your response does not contain confidential or proprietary information about third parties, and

(d) You grant https://danzantehomes.com/a worldwide license of royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, ongoing, to use, modify, publish, distribute, and Sublicensee’s feedback and any repairs resulting from it.