Steps to Build a New House; Introduction

first step building new house
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HAVE a comfortable new House is everyone’s dream. You can also realize that dream as long as your know-how. In this first article, we will introduce the steps to build the right new house. Before building a house, you must prepare the land. If you don’t have land, buy land in a strategic location. Be careful, don’t buy land on disputed land.

Because it will harm you. Do not build houses on peatlands, former swamps, sandy soil or rice fields. Because the soil structure at that location is soft and contains water. Building a house on peat, swampy land, sandy soil or paddy fields can cause the house to damage quickly. Your house will experience a decrease and cracks in the floor and walls.

Look for land with hard or dense soil. Because land with dense land is very good for building houses. Like, the former land fields, grasslands, or plantation land. After you prepare the land to build a house. You also need to draw up a building budget plan. The building budget is calculated based on the price of building materials, labor costs, equipment costs, and contractor costs. Add 10 percent of the building cost budget plan to the reserve fund.

prepare budget build new house
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Are you unable to draw up a building budget? Come to a consultant who is an expert at building budget plans. Or, you can ask the contractor for help in preparing a budget plan for building costs. The building budget plan is influenced by the type and model of the house you choose. The budget to build a luxury House is not the same as a minimalist House budget. So, through careful calculation of funds, the process of housing construction will run smoothly until complete.

What are the next steps to build a new House?

comfortable new house or families
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You must pay attention to the number of family members after choosing the type and model of the house to be built. Because, the size of the house, the number of rooms, and details of each room must be able to accommodate the needs of all residents of the house. If you are building a two-story house, place all the family bedrooms, children’s playroom, study room and laundry on the second floor. You can also make one bathroom in the main room and one bathroom that can be used with other family members.

The integrated family room will make the family more familiar. These spaces must also be close together or be in one view. This is to maintain privacy and togetherness between family members. Use the first floor for a car garage, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, and guest room. With this condition, guests will feel comfortable in your House. Because of a separate living room with your family room.

You can also create a separate workspace from other rooms. So you can work while watching your small children. This different concept will create a special room design with a different level of privacy. Every family member must have a different hobby. Maybe, dad and mom have a hobby of reading. While children like playing the piano. There must be space to accommodate and unite these different hobbies. This hobby room can also provide privacy while adding your family togetherness.

Same with hobbies, the style of each family member can also be different. Bring these different styles to the exterior and interior design of your House. Starting from the bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, dining room to the outside of the house. Pouring different hobbies and styles from each family member in one unique design is not easy. Especially if you have limited land to build a house. You need the help of an architect.

Consultation with Architects before Building a New House

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Consult your desires with the architects. Because the architect has been trained to pour the needs of clients into the design of House construction. Ask the architect of a House design drawing that doesn’t cost much. However, it still looks luxurious and high-value. Remember, making a House design by adjusting financial conditions is a smart choice in building your dream House.

A house that looks luxurious and has a high value is very good for your future investment. Usually, luxury Houses at reasonable prices are in great demand. So, you will easily sell it when you need capital to build a wider house. Choose a trusted contractor or builder who is able to pour the design of the house into a quality building. The expert contractor is also able to specify the building materials needed precisely. This is to avoid the purchase of additional building materials which causes the budget to swell.

Make contractor payments in stages. Starting from the foundation work to the finishing stage. Do not pay contractors per week or with a down payment system. Before buying construction materials, you must immediately arrange building permits to the authorities in your area. Don’t delay completing the building permit requirements. This is so that the development process runs smoothly and there is no sealing.

While waiting for permission to erect the building, you can go to the building shop. You must meet with the building shop owner directly to negotiate both unit prices and large quantities. Make sure you get a discount on building materials before paying. You can also find suppliers of building materials that are responsible, on time in shipping and provide discounts.

Mistakes of Building a New House

new house good investment
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In order not to disturb the budget plan, you should not add building materials or change the quality of buildings that have been made by architects or contractors. Changing the initial budget will result in miscalculation, futile purchases, and other losses that can affect the final cost. If not, the construction will be disrupted and your dream House will not be realized properly.

Buy legal building materials. Buying building materials from illegal places will cause you to get into legal trouble. It’s better to buy legal building materials at a reasonable price. Instead of buying illegal building materials at cheap prices. In addition, monitor the use of building materials that have been purchased during the House construction process. Because it could be a handyman or boss to steal building materials when you are careless.

If necessary, you can hire a professional trustworthy building supervisor. You should also double check when the material store is sending building materials. This is to prevent goods that are sent not according to the initial agreement. After you have permission to build a building and all building materials are ready to be sent from the material store. You must pay attention to the weather conditions. See weather forecasts reported by television or online media.

Because building a new house during the rainy season will disrupt the process of building construction. Preferably, the implementation of housing construction is carried out near the end of the summer. When the house is finished, it rains, you will know the part of the house that is leaking. So you can immediately ask the contractor to repair the leaked parts without asking for additional costs.

Before occupying a newly built house, the house must be free of dust, dirt. Ask the contractor to clean the house if there is still debris from the building. So, you and your family can move house comfortably and safely. The and articles on Steps to Build a New House; Introduction. (*)

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